The Ultimate List Of Kitchen Tools For Healthy Cooking

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Big commitments, such as eating healthier, can often seem overwhelming at the outset. But you can conquer any goals by breaking them down into smaller, achievable steps. The task can become easier with the right tools on hand.

If your kitchen is stocked with nutrient-rich ingredients and the right gear, sticking to the healthy eating goal can be easier and even fun. Whether you’re trying to up your fruit and veggie intake, cook with less oil, or experiment with vegan cuisines, Social Kelli can help you streamline the best kitchen tools to make life stress-free!

Although you’ll always find trendy, exciting, sleek, and helpful kitchen gadgets, you don’t need to buy everything! Just some basic kitchen tools will do the job perfectly as long as they’re high quality.

And with online spaces like Social Kelli, getting your hands on some amazing Amazon must-haves has never been easier! We’ve got kitchen items that everyone needs, so you can stock up on the essentials over time without breaking the bank!

Explore our must-have kitchen items list that covers some basic tools perfect for novice chefs looking to show their culinary skills to the world!

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Best Kitchen Tools for Chefs on a Budget

#1- Non-Stick Pans and Pots

Every chef needs a non-stick pan for breakfast duty because pancakes and eggs are best prepared on non-stick surfaces.

Investing in a great pot or versatile pan makes it easier to sauté vegetables, sear meats, and make sauces. You’ll be able to control the ingredients much better when you’re not worried about the food sticking to the pan!

You won’t have to worry about a scratchy mess awaiting cleanup, so the cooking process flows much better. That said, be sure not to use any non-abrasive tools on the surface.



#2- Cutting Board

It’s safe to say that cutting boards need to be robust because they’re the workhorse of every kitchen! Cutting boards are every chef’s faithful culinary friend, making chopping and dicing easier, safer, and faster.


While plastic cutting boards are inexpensive, wooden ones are more sanitary as they lack grooves for germs or allergens to hang out in. In fact, they also help keep the chef’s favorite knives in tip-top shape!

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#3- Measuring Spoons and Cups

Whether Mary Poppins meant a tablespoon or a teaspoon of sugar, having a measuring tool is essential for almost all recipes. Measuring spoons and cups are valuable for portioning out serving sizes, especially when trying to eat healthily. They’re absolutely crucial for recipes requiring exact measurements.


#4- Oil Sprayer

A great oil dispenser with a spout will see you through many culinary endeavors just fine! But an oil sprayer is matchless because it mists a fine layer of oil over the food instead of a potentially big glob.

The highly versatile tool allows for reducing wastage and looks wonderful on the countertop because of its attractive appearance!

Whether you want to use the sprayer for citrus juices, vinegar, sherry, or your favorite oils, oil sprayers can be found in a host of varieties with outstanding design features and budget-friendly options.

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