How To Dress to Impress Without the Cost

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You can have designer style without having your closet full of chic names. While Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton and similar brands do make great classic investment pieces, there are ways to look high-end without spending the high-end price tag. If you do have the cash, an expensive piece that is usable in many situations (like a bag or coat) can elevate the rest of your look. But if you want to keep all that money in your wallet and show up looking like you paid a lot for your outfit, check out these simple tips on how to dress to impress without the cost!

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1. Wear tailored pieces

When everything fits you well, you look like someone who knows what they’re doing and and how to carry themselves. Purchasing a cheaper item and having it tailored can give you a professional, sharp look. Even if you don’t have a fancy wardrobe, dressing in a white button down or a blazer is a good place to start because those can be worn anywhere, in many different ways, and by almost anyone. A good blazer will look impressive with skinny jeans, a little black dress, or a basic white t-shirt. For most people, it is so hard to find pants that fit correctly for most people, get ones you like and have them fixed!

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2. Tuck it in

Adding structure to an outfit will class it up, so will tucking in your top. Add a belt to your classic white shirt to really polish it off, something small and classic is ideal.

When trying to look expensive, dress in clean colors and minimize the statement pieces as much as you can and go with what is a classic look. This goes for your shoes too! Even if you have a simple tee in a neutral color, it can look effortlessly chic when tucked into your pants. Black, white, tan and even soft pastels sometimes, can elevate your impressive style instantly.

It’s absolutely okay to enjoy bold styles and prints but simple, classic styles will give you the expensive look more often and easier than trendy items. 

3. Add Jewelry

Remember accessories when looking to dress to impress. Avoid plastic jewels but costume jewelry, good costume jewelry, can add a ton to your everyday look. Wear classic pieces like a watch, pearls, or simple hoop earrings. Gold jewelry instantly adds luxe! There is nothing wrong with a believable cubic zirconia either-and you don’t have to worry about loss or damage so much.

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4. Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses somehow makes you look important, and therefore, makes you and your whole outfit look better! Not to mention the confidence you feel from this simple yet important piece.

Big and black in a classic style is best in order to look expensive and classy. We are not trying to look like a casual day at the beach, that is absolutely fine for those days but won’t help elevate your outfit. In fact, even at the beach, high end sunglasses can make you look more elegant in your bathing suit if that’s your thing, and honestly, why not?

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5. Beauty in the little things-nails, skin and hair

It’s hard to make an outfit look good when your nails are chipped, your elbows are cracked and your hair has seen better days. Nails are a great way to show you take great care of yourself. If you cant afford to have them done, get good and doing them yourself. Have a cute way to tie your hair up if you don’t have time for a full-on style. And, well there is no excuse for not moisturizing, like, allll the time. Dress your skin to impress as well!

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love yourself the way you are or that you always need to always have on a full face of makeup, but attention to the details definitely adds polish to your overall look and outfit. A nice bold red or pink lip is an easy touch too!

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6. Shoes

Some embellished, shiny and oh, so pretty Amazon heels will dress up any outfit and bring charm and class to your overall impression. Sexy high heels and strappy shoes are suitable for pairing with dresses, jeans and even shorts. And of course, perfect for an evening out with a classic dress.

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If you want to be comfortable and not all “done up” pair them with a matching bag and an inexpensive, simple Amazon sundress. It will take your look from beachwear to a whole different level.

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